Touring three Scottish art galleries between November 2017 and July 2018, A Fine Line showcases works by four contemporary artists based in Scotland - Lizzie Farey, Angie Lewin, Frances Priest and Bronwen Sleigh.  Working with a variety of media, but united by detailed observation and strong draughtsmanship, this group of artists experiment with linear mark-making and drawing in its widest sense.

Each artist produces work inspired by places and spaces in either the natural or man-made environment and their relationship to concepts of memory and time.  For them drawing is a vital, often daily activity and through close observation and the practice of drawing, the results can shift perception and understanding of the world and of themselves.  

This exhibition explores the boundary between art and craft, bringing together artists working across a diverse range of disciplines including sculpture, willow, ceramics and printmaking.  The exhibition title A Fine Line, has been chosen to suggest that the line that is sometimes perceived to exist between these different areas of formal practice is in fact always fluid. 

Featuring: Lizzie Farey | Angie Lewin | Frances Priest | Bronwen Sleigh

The exhibition has been curated in collaboration with the artists Lizzie Farey and Angie Lewin, and is a partnership project between the City Art Centre, Inverness Museum & Art Gallery and Gracefield Arts Centre.